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Astra Security and Customer Flow Control

Astra Security design, supply, install and maintain integrated security systems. We offer bespoke solutions that deliver against your security needs. We use industry leading technology across CCTV, remote monitoring, access control and more.

Customer Flow Control

In order to enable social distancing, it is imperative that buildings and facilities limit the number of people allowed inside.

Customer flow can be controlled using the Density Control Solution which can be used in supermarkets, retailers, post offices, banks, and other places for managing the number of people on their premises at any one time. It uses people counting, a dynamic display and real-time alerts to ensure pre-defined capacity thresholds are never exceeded.  It can also be used in locations with multiple entrances and exits. Optional software is also available to access important data such as reports to gather trend analysis.

Single Door Camera Standalone

  • Ideal for small shop
  • Fast deployment and cost effective, only one camera and one monitor required
  • Basic numeric data shows number of people in premises
  • Real time alert and voice prompt from camera when threshold is reached

Single Door with I Series NVR

  • Ideal for retail shop with single entrance/exit
  • User friendly and informative real time data screen displays maximum number accepted and current number inside store with green or red warning signs
  • Ideal for placing near entrance, so customers can identify the display
  • Fast deployment, only one camera, one NVR and one monitor required

Multi-Door I Series NVR

  • Ideal for multi entrance/exit market
  • NVR calculates the total figure from all the cameras and displays intuitive real time data with warning symbols

Multi-Door HikCentral

  • Ideal for large sites with multiple entrances and exits like markets places, supermarkets, depots and distributions centres across multiple locations
  • HikCentral software calculates the total figures from all the cameras and displays intuitive real time data with warning symbols
  • Central management to view and review whole system via HikCentral software
  • Business intelligence reports for further analysis



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Astra Security celebrates 14-year anniversary

This month Astra Security are celebrating their 14-year anniversary.


An automated system to monitor customer flow in and out of buildings. Essential right now...

As businesses up and down the country react to the latest Government guidance, they are all working hard to get their staff back to work and their businesses back up and running.


Marking Sharon's 10th Anniversary with Astra Security

This month marks 10 years’ service for Sharon Spencer, Service Administrator, at Astra Security.