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Bespoke security cameras fitted to match your brand colours!

Bespoke security cameras fitted to match your brand colours!

Astra Security are pushing the boundaries and are now able to offer bespoke CCTV systems which can fit in with your brand colours!


Camera blending in with the ceiling colour

It’s often something which is not even thought about, or attempted, but after being approached recently by a major international retailer who set the task of delivering a CCTV system which needed to be aesthetically designed to blend seamlessly into the background of one of their high street stores, Astra got to work.  

The designers at Astra have been able to colour match the cameras, poles and brackets perfectly, and in line with the retailer’s specific brand requirements. The results are a CCTV system which provides great coverage across the store which blends in with the surroundings and helps to enhance the customer experience.

Before and After - Camera changed from white to dark grey in colour.

Paul Beet, Managing Director at Astra Security said ‘ It’s not the kind of request you receive very often, but we want to make sure we can deliver what’s needed for our clients.  To be able to install a system which fits in with store design and doesn’t interfere with the overall look and feel is incredibly important to major high street brands.  I’m delighted with the results, and it’s great to be able to work on something slightly different to the norm and to deliver against a challenging brief, and above all satisfy our client.’

Astra Security are specialists in handling multifaceted initiatives and developing custom made solutions to fit each client’s particular needs. They have a strong reputation for delivering outstanding customer service, from designing the initial project to being available to their customers once everything has been installed. 


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