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Astra Security and Audi

Astra Security and Audi

I caught up with Steve Smith from Bristol Audi on Cameras (well CCTV); Cars and all things in between…


Astra Security are once again working with Bristol Audi by providing the maintenance and system monitoring for their CCTV and Intruder System at their showcase dealership centre based at Cribbs Causeway in Bristol.

I caught up with Steve Smith, Head of Business at Bristol Audi to find out more…

Steve, tell me a bit about the Dealership Group you have here, and what you offer.
Steve: We’re the largest Audi Centre in the South West with 130 new and used cars on display.  We’re family owned by Mon Motors Group,  which was established back in 1971. And, we serve customers across the South West and Wales covering Audi, VW, Ford, Skoda and SEAT.

We’ve got over 130 staff here in Bristol to take care of all your Audi needs, and as a Group, we have over 750 staff across the South West and Wales.

So, why did you choose Astra Security?
Steve: Well, we’ve been working with Astra Security since 2012, and always been delighted with their service.  They’re all about looking after the ‘customer’  and take great pride in giving a custom made solution to meet our requirements.

They are very efficient, quick and professional, and it’s great to know that our security is taken care of.  
We’ve got  a strong relationship, they know our business well, they are familiar with our site and above all are reliable. For me,  it takes the stress away and it’s one less thing for me to think about.

And what exactly do Astra Security provide for you?  And why is it needed?
Steve: Astra Security are providing the maintenance and system monitoring for our CCTV and Intruder System, which is needed due to the high value stock that we have on site.  We are offering an attractive, high value product in a premium sector which makes us a potential target for crime.  

So, Steve let’s talk cars.., What’s the most popular new car amongst the Audi range that you have here?
Steve: That’s a good question.  There isn’t one specific model, as we can cater to any sector. We have an attractive range on offer, and there’s something for everyone. 

And, moving onto sport Steve, I know that you’re passionate about supporting local Bristol sport.  This is something that you as a business have in common with Astra Security.  You share the same values.
I notice that you sponsor Bristol Bears Rugby, and as you know, Astra Security sponsor Bristol Bears Ladies. Tell me a bit more about why it’s so important for businesses to get involved in this type of sponsorship?
: I’m passionate about all sport, and particularly local sport.  We are a locally owned business, and we employ local people. We want to support the local community, and there’s no better platform than sport to do this.  It’s important to give something back, and I’m proud that this is a focus for us.

So, what’s the biggest thing you believe we’ll see impacting the car industry over the next 5 – 10 years?
Steve: The biggest challenge facing us is how we adapt to the changes ahead.  There are so many considerations when looking at your motoring requirements.  Issues such as Parking Zones; Omission Zones will have an impact. The motoring needs are changing.  Lifestyles, behaviours and our customers’ needs are changing, and we have to adapt accordingly.  We need to understand our customers more and what they need, and we need to respond with due diligence.  I’m looking forward to the challenges ahead.


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Unit's 7 & 8 Northavon Business Centre,
Dean Road, Yate,
Bristol, BS37 5NH



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