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A catch up with our partner DVS on new technology, the impact of COVID 19 and the future

A catch up with our partner DVS on new technology, the impact of COVID 19 and the future

I caught up with Gavin Dunleavy, Commercial Director from our partners at DVS to find out more about new technology, the impact of COVID 19, and what the future looks like?


So, Gavin, welcome.

Firstly, can you tell me how you work with Astra Security?
Gavin: We have a long-standing working relationship with Astra. We are both on the same journey to provide the latest tech on the market and complement each other in as much as we both strive for excellent customer service.

How’s business at the moment?
Gavin: Business has picked up now after a few months of below average numbers. April/May was difficult, but I suppose it was a difficult time for everyone. For DVS it was all about timing and doing the right things at the right times. We have some staff on Furlough through this time but quickly brought people back. Due to this we have had to change the way we work as a business. We have and continue to learn from our experiences over the last few months and I think that is important as we are still all being affected in some way by the current situation so adapting to the different ways of working is super critical.

And, what new technology trends are you seeing now?
Gavin: There have been obvious increases in Thermal Temperature Detection systems and as this solution or technology has developed over a very short space of time, I think we will be left with very useable and long-term solutions like Face Recognition terminals with the AI for Temperature and Mask detection built-in. People will also want to move to a touchless way of working and living, so smart home automation and working environments will become ever increasingly requested and used.

Is there any technology on its way out?
Gavin: For me, the camera technology has moved on so rapidly recently now people want some form of intelligence built-in to their systems so what I would call the typical ‘point and view’ technology is decreasing in its use. AI is being more and more of a requested feature. Things like the HikVision AcuSense and ColorVu technologies are a great example of this.

What impact has the COVID 19 had on your business and the industry as a whole?
Gavin: As I have eluded to previously, it has changed for everyone, it’s not just this industry- so learning from the process we have all had to go through during this pandemic is key. Focusing on the right things at the right times and having the plans in place around the next possible steps have been super important for us. We have had to change processes and adapt how we work but some of the things we have put in place may be here to stay, so maybe some good has come from this in a strange way. The security industry always feels the effects of any down turn quite slowly so I suppose we have to see how the wider markets play out before we could second guess the full effects but I hope these are minimal as certain businesses are struggling.

What do you see happening in the future – anything to look out for?
Gavin: We will all learn from this pandemic and a move to things like a more cashless and touchless society will be long term fallouts from this, so a greater need for system integration will be required for things like card transactions instead of just video. Smart home and business automation will also be a focus, so people have greater control from the comfort of their smart devices. I think the greatest advancement will be the request for more intelligence over the coming months and years with a requirement for a one place, one control, intelligent system.


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