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Wildlife Camera project with Cooperative Farms

We were recently approached by Cooperative Farms to design and install a Wildlife camera system that would be used to record any activity with a unique Barn Owl Box. The nest box which has been named the Barn Owl Manor by its designer and creator Vince Jones Of the Barn Owl Centre This unique design and size will help to improve nest results for Barn Owls, whilst we feel confident that Jackdaws and Squirrels will be deterred from taking over their Manor. The design provides a family of Barn Owls a much more spacious place to live, this will allow young Owlets to exercise more freely whilst they are safely growing up. Barn Owl Manor with Cameras fiitedBarn Owl Manor from The Barn Owl Centre
The system comprised two colour cameras with night vision infrared. One camera was placed inside the nest box with the second positioned to view the external entrance to the nest box. The system is powered from a Solar Panel located on the roof making the system completely self sufficient. The video signals are then transmitted via a wireless link to a portable receiver control unit carried by the farmer.
The portable unit allows the farmer to check to see if there is any Barn Owl activity within the nest box, this is simply done by a press of a button. Live video and audio is then automatically displayed on a small hand held monitor, if activity is present the farmer can then select to record some footage to a compact Digital Video Recorder with in the Portable control unit.
This none invasive observation system allows the farmer to check the box from up to 50M away from the nest box. Recorded footage can then be transferred direct to a PC or placed on a website as required.